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"Tom Six (1973) is the film dictator of the worldwide infamous THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE trilogy & THE ONANIA CLUB and a decadent artist decaying in style. 


"Between birth and probably a very unpleasant death mankind has to survive. Living our meaningless lives in mediocrity. Just waiting for diseases and other misery. Happy endings only exist at Amsterdam massage parlors. The glass is not half full or half empty. It's fucking broken! 


Me and my art are the anesthetic to dull the mediocrity pains.  A breath of polluted air in a unoriginal, scared world. Living with an unhealthy mind in an unhealthy body. Having balls the size of a mammoth. What is the hardest thing about filming or painting? My cock.


Enjoy my paintings and inquire!"






The vulva, pitch black humor, charisma, self destruction,

women who hate children, silk ties, originality, diesel cars, the female orgasm, political incorrectness, hot baths, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth punishment, linen suits, marabous, the decadent movement, opium, movies, chili, style, ennui, diseases,

the aesthetic movement, schadenfreude, pocket squares, canes, vindaloo chicken curry, books, épater le bourgeois, hand work, megalomania, boutonnieres, artifice, spending money, flowers, cigars, peanut butter, satan, lung cancer specialists who smoke, absinthe, guns, the desert, prostitutes, pugs, fountain pens with purple ink, 1890, politeness, perversity, 1000 dollar panama hats, 1942 Rolex precision watches, silk ties, the smell of worn women panties, recluses, junk food, massages with happy endings, dandyism, junk food, unnaturel, jewelry.





Human beings, modern interiors that look like dentist offices, minimalism, political correctness, 9 to 5 jobs, rottweiler dogs, artist unions, impoliteness, i-pads, nursing homes, hospitals, family cars, children, war on drugs, birthdays, green environment activists, saving money, mediocrity, electric cars,

to act normal, god, unoriginality, daniel craig as James Bond, cheese, animal torture, yoga, the sea, public festivities, people masses, cold showers, hypocrites, a lack of style, jeans, sneakers, baseball caps, sweaters, mass production, a lack of humor, censhorship, joggers, cyclists, sports, women with short hair, health freaks, sea food, e-readers, 2015, vegetables, natural, washing dishes, women's trousers, i- watches, western funerals, feminism, bungee jumping, tourism, saving for ones pension, cheapness, adaptation, astrology, supermarkets, disjockeys.
















About Tom Six

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